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Webkinz World Cheats For The Stupid
Webkinz Cheats... a sure fire way to get banned! There are so many easy and fun ways to earn KinzCash in Webkinz World, that there’s no need to use Webkinz cheats. Just log in and love your pet every day for cash and food, spin the Wheel of Wow, make wishes in Wishing Well 2, answer questions at Quizzy’s Corner, and the easiest way to earn KinzCash honestly—play games! With all those fast, fun ways to accumulate KinzCash, who needs to cheat?

Webkinz has a very strict policy about cheating. If you’re caught, they can strip you of any items or KinzCash you obtained while using cheats, and can even terminate your account, no matter how many Webkinz you may have online, or how much time you have left before your account expires.

Recently, there’s been a rash of cheating at Webkinz World, from people using dishonestly obtained adoption and feature codes, to using software or other tools in the games to rack up KinzCash faster than would be possible if they were playing. There’s also been a problem with people hacking into to other Webkinz users’ accounts, spending or stealing their KinzCash, selling items they wanted to keep and buying items they have no use for.

Imagine what a frustrating experience it is to log on and have all your daily activities already done, be missing most of your KinzCash and your treasured items, and have a dock full of things you don’t want! That keeps Webkinz World from being fun for everyone.

To keep someone from doing that to you, make sure your password isn’t short—the more characters the better. Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, and numbers. Don’t use actual words in your password, those are too easy for hackers to figure out. Write down your password, especially if it’s a good password that’s difficult for you to remember.

Cheats You Shouldn’t Try
Even though you can earn all the KinzCash you want by playing games and other things at Webkinz World, the curious might be interested in what kinds of cheats exist I don’t recommend you try any of these, you risked losing your account if you do. But they are interesting, and you can tell your friends you know how to do them, but you don’t, because you don’t want to get banned!
  • Enter the code 485¿╞╔ui6 at the Adoption Center and you might get a Sherbet Bunny, Love Puppy or Cheeky Dog.
  • Click on an item you own that you want to duplicate. Drag it out of the dock and hang on to it. Drag the item to your web browser’s refresh button. Click the refresh button many times quickly and then drop the item into your room. There should be one now in your dock, too.
  • To get all the indoor furniture in the W Shop including the super beds, go to your room and press ctrl+m+g. Then sign off your account. Next time you sign in, it’s all supposed to be there.
  • Enter ¢¯¢¾¢Ü81 at the Adoption Center for a Love Puppy
  • Enter 889ry5ui for 100,000 KinzCash. Be warned—unexplained KinzCash in an account is a red flag for those looking for cheaters.
  • To duplicate coupons, go to the W Shop with a coupon and place it on an item in your cart. Immediately leave the shop, and you’ll end up with 2 coupons.
Remember, these are interesting, and sometimes it feels good to know what’s going on, but if you use these Webkinz Cheats you could lose your account at Webkinz World, so do the smart thing and earn your KinzCash the fun and honest way.
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